Meet Eniola

* Featured Speaker – UXRConf2021

 I help UX Researchers improve their research practice. Whether you’re a seasoned researcher looking to level up or a new researcher looking to get your bearings, I can help you focus your practice

I’ve always been a people person and I’ve also always been a bit of a science nerd so in high school, I put two and two together and decided the career that made the most sense for me was to be a doctor. Super original! So I picked Integrative Biology as my major. Then I got to college and realized that doctors don’t always get a chance to do much of the people part. I figured out pretty quickly that that wasn’t what I wanted to do. I still loved biology so I earned my degree in it and opted to figure out the rest later. 

Fast forward to graduation, I began my career in UX working with a market and user research firm in the pharma and biotechnology space. I chose it because I was really interested in biotech and people. I was agency side, so I had the chance to work with tons of companies across dozens of therapy areas like Hepatitis, Pseudobulbar Affect and various forms of cancer. 

I spoke with patients, doctors, caregivers and often these conversations were based on their journeys living with or treating conditions. So this was my introduction to UX, talking to many different types of people about some of the most intimate topics any of us can imagine. I learned really quickly that at the baseline of doing UXR, was the understanding that I am tasked with holding space.

Now, I am a UX Researcher at Meta and speak to all different types of users their experience on the platform. I take an agile approach and often employ Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation. I am innately curious, a self-starter, adaptable and communicative with a knack for storytelling.

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